Covid Ready

Serenity Medica is opening clinic on September 1st 2020. To protect the health and safety of clients we have procedures and safeguards including the following:

  • 30 minutes left between each appointment.
  • Clinic surfaces and surfaces leading to the clinic will be cleansed using a biocidal hospital standard spray.
  • Fogging machine used which will create an anti-viral NCS hydrogen peroxide 3% mist.
  • Clean blankets and towels are always used per client and laundered at 60 degrees.
  • Hand sanitizers and paper hand towels will be provided.
  • Visor and face mask worn when appropriate.
  • Hands washed to a clinical standard.

Please watch the video explaining the changes you can expect upon your next visit.

Messages from Serenity Medica clients

I have been having Acupuncture treatment with Sasha for over 13 years since May 2007 when she was preparing to graduate.   And I have continued to have regular treatment with her to maintain my body in a healthy state and to deal with any health problems. She is a wonderful healer, very intuitive, very warm and sensitive, and alarmingly accurate in point location! I happily recommend her as a talented healer of both minor and major health problems.

I am really looking forward to my own post Covid lockdown session with Sasha when she reopens her clinic September 1st 2020.

Diana Buirski   M.Sc., Dip Psych., Dip Couns.