Serenity Supreme Facial

Having seen the benefits of cosmetic acupuncture, I wondered what I could do to make this anti-aging treatment super charged.  It was when I came across LED Phototherapy, I literally had a light bulb moment.

After a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis looking at your tongue and taking your pulses, I start the cosmetic acupuncture which is tailor-made to your unique complexion.  Some needles are inserted following fine lines and wrinkles to encourage collagen and elastin.  Other acupuncture points are selected on the face and body working on the meridian flow to make you look and feel better.

It is then the clinically proven Dermalux LED Phototherapy comes into play.  It is gently placed over the face and one of the 7 LED protocols is matched to your skin and switched on for a relaxing 20 minutes.

The blue light improves skin clarity without irritation and is antibacterial in nature.  The red-light charges cell energy to accelerate repair and renewal.  It also boosts collagen and elastin synthesis and increases hydration.  The Near Infrared targets deeper cells to trigger the wound and heal process, it reduces pigmentation, and promotes a healthy-looking skin from the inside out.

The LED Phototherapy combined with cosmetic acupuncture really makes a tremendous difference to combating the aging process naturally.

The Serenity Supreme Facial is then complemented with By Sarah London products. I thought using their hand made in England and B Corp Certified products would give my facial an extra special sprinkle of magic.

How LED Phototherapy Works

Video Testimonial