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Written Testimonials

Sasha’s facial acupuncture is really amazing. My lines are much softer and skin tone is generally much brighter. Its a godsend to have a treatment that makes a visible difference to my skin. She also takes care of your health generally, so whilst you come out feeling beautified, you’re also calmer and more Zen-like!

Anne M – Chiswick

Sasha was recommended by my sister, whose skin now justs looks fantastic, and I have been similarly delighted. Under Sasha’s wonderful, care my skin has improved enormously and lines have disappeared, hurray!. It is great not only to have found a non invasive way of keeping ageing at bay, but the holistic nature of the treatment means that other niggles, including other skin problems have disappeared. I cannot recommend Sasha highly enough, it is not surprise that she is adding to her legion of fans every day – get in quickly to avoid disappontment!

Irene M – Chiswick

Sasha’s facial acupuncture sessions make me feel like a million dollars! They are as relaxing for the mind and soul as they are for the crow’s feet – if I could only have one afternoon of “me” time each month, Serenity Medica is where I’d go. Absolutely Fabulous!

Claire B – Richmond

I’ve been going to see Sasha for facial rejuvenation and well being. I didn’t tell anyone I was seeing her, but suddenly I was getting loads of compliments about how well I looked and how sparkling my skin was. Friends kept asking me what the secret was. The secret is Sasha. Brilliant

Sandra J – Kew

As a personal trainer I am aware of the importance of good preventative health care and for this reason Sasha’s acupuncture treatments have proved highly beneficial. Conducted in a professional yet friendly manner, Sasha’s treatment has allowed me to stay pain free and continue to get the most from my job and training.

Tom G – St Margarets

I have been attending Sasha’s practice for the past year and she has helped me enormously with various health issues and more recently with a very painful knee injury. Her kindness and patience, in combination with her extremely professional approach to my health and welfare (she has also treated my siblings and my children), means I would not have any hesitation in recommending her services. Anna (Occupational Health Advisor).

Anna L – Strawberry Hill

Stressed, worried, cramped, hot tempered…. . This is how I arrived at Sasha’s retreat. One month later and I am feeling far more relaxed, healthy and energised. I particular like the way how she adjusts her treatment to your needs. Acupuncture has become part of my daily life. Fantastic, can’t wait for my next visit !

Michael L – Teddington

I have been recieving treatment from Sasha and have no intention of stopping what has become a lifestyle choice for me. I began by looking for help with insomnia and anxiety but have also experienced a large range of additional health benefits. If you are unsure about acupuncture I highly recommend a visit!

Charlotte W – Ealing

Sasha created a beautiful non judgemental environment which was most condusive to the healing process. My initial treatment, which was for addiction, was completed a few months ago, but Sasha managed to help me with other niggly health issues at the same time. It was a restorative experience which has had a lasting benefit on my life and health. The treatment left me improved, healthy and rejuvenated. I can’t recommend Sash highly enough.

Carla C – Petersham